He served in the navy.

Which one will it be?

If something strange happens, press the red starter-button.

The road to Nagano is closed to traffic.


I've been hunting with them.

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This is the last time I'll advise Taninna.

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I would like to get to know you better.

I wish I were more like them.

We'll wait here.

Raanan wrote a song for Hirotoshi.

No one suspected you.

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Here's a list of words I have difficulty remembering that I have compiled so far.

Could you please tell me where to put this?

There were a lot of people waiting for the bus.


Who wants to go to the park?

Miles sowed wheat in his field.

He was thrown off the overpass onto the road below.

What does the fox say?

Come on Tuesday, if it's possible.


They've changed a lot.


Did Ro tell you anything?

Evening was closing in on the valley.

Manuel was partly to blame.

Everyone noticed.

Look for the solution he has sent you.

It works both ways.

They asked about the others.

I had the same problem.

I don't want her to worry.


Pete turned on the radio.


You said it was beef. However, I think it's pork.


Thierry poured milk into the glass and then handed it to Vidhyanath.

All the benches are taken.

She's thinking of taking a couple of courses at a cooking school.

The American economy is in solid shape.

Excuse me. What's your name?

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The cat has hidden under the bench.

You're really tall and good-looking.

Rick told me to give this to you.

She is accustomed to sitting.

Ms. Brown seems to be an actress.

Kieran is a bit snobbish.

Gonzalez's first double fault came at the most inopportune moment when he was down a set point.

They cheered as his train passed.

Who does Tommy think did this?

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We asked her to let us stay.

I gotta learn how to write in cursive.

If it had not been for his father's help, he would have failed in business.

It appears to me that you are all mistaken.

You never seem to get bored.

Lenny dropped his pencil.

I did some crowd slipstreaming behind that tall guy over there.


Now, it's my turn to help you.


I didn't know this kind of a thing existed.

I think we have enough money.

Nicholas Biddle began to see that the battle was lost.


The King was assaulted by terrorists.

Rooms are black.

It is young.

It hasn't been easy.

I'm glad you're all right again.

Dimitry is the one who mugged you.

Why don't we break for lunch?

I just wanted to weigh in with my opinion.

He describes himself as a democratic socialist.


When did you first notice that Jeff was missing?

If I learn to play the washboard and you learn to play the kazoo, maybe we can join a jug band.

Clarissa works part-time after school.

The mailman is between postboxes.

You wouldn't like him.

Bradley is impatient.

It's a pleasant day, isn't it?

I straighten my hair every morning.

I was full of curiosity about her past.

"Morgan was able to convince Jorge to help." "How did he do that?"

I don't want to be here either.

I probably shouldn't do that.

That isn't my fault.

It'll be very difficult to explain.

My father isn't reading a book now.

Molly knows he has to help Trying tomorrow.

When I was at hospital, she didn't come to visit me.

It's almost late.

Hubert made me do it.

His opinion is in conflict with mine.

In Serbia, the trains are very slow.

We made up our mind to go to law school.

At present he lives on his own and the world is nothing to him.

I wish I were what I was when I wished I were what I am.

Shel talked Syed into donating some money.

This pottery is made by a local artist.

I can't wait all day.


There's nothing to do here.

So thin! (Are you) dieting?

They're still inside.

If I'd only known how Ahmed felt!

She made cookies for the children.

Everybody was looking for Dan.

Srinivas and Daniel don't want to talk to John.

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"Whose clothes are these?" "They are Mark's."


I'm not sure how it happened.

You'd better tell the truth.

We're from Australia.

I have a friend who lives in England.

Is this your purse?

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He was often confused with his brother.

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Larger pirates often preyed on unarmed merchant ships.

There is a time to speak and a time to be silent.

I would like to exchange American dollars for rupnu.

Does this video remind you of something?

The summit of Mt. Fuji was covered in snow.


I hoped to get an email from Steen today.

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Where will we meet?

He was dying.

His request is as follows.

That's a kind of exploration challenge.

Don't try to pull a fast one on me!

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When Reiner saw him, a look of surprise spread across her face.

Sundar seems to be untrustworthy.

The knife is dirty.


"Can you help me paint my house?" "Sure. No problem."

Dalton is so quiet you never know he's around.

We can talk when you get back.

This is our only chance.

From whose hand should I take something?


Plutonium-244 has a half-life of 80 million years.

The hunters got up before dawn.

They called him a coward.

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Does anybody need anything?


Who's your favorite movie star?

The final vote was decisive.

Congratulations! You just won a million dollars!

Lyndon found me a good seat.

You must've been asleep.

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He kept silent for a while.

Shutoku made a wisecrack.

There are sparks flying out of the electric socket.

I wouldn't rule anything out.

Can't this wait until things are back to normal?

Maybe I expect too much.

It's all in the room.

They had wonderful lives.

Amy is secretly in love with Knut.

We dated on a semi regular basis until she moved to Australia.

Slartibartfast still comes here every day.


Sanjeev knows he shouldn't do that.


It would be better if we didn't do this until tomorrow.


Do you honestly believe that?

Patrick can no longer do the things he used to be able to do.

Englishmen differ from Americans only in the language they speak.


I can't remember exactly how old I was when I first met Vinod.

Do you really have enough money to buy such a valuable watch?

You need technical knowledge to understand how this system works.

They appreciate my effort.

I'm much happier wasting time looking at a handsome woman than a pretty one.


Hon didn't look very good.

I intend to give this to her.

The insults and threats gave way to a donnybrook.

So, are you going to buy that or not?

Where do I know you from?


We learned what we should do first.


The question is how did Ken do it.

Unfortunately I forgot to charge my camera beforehand.

A ship's captain must remain observant that a reliable buoy be attached to each anchor by a sturdy rope, so that one could find and raise the anchor if its anchor-cable were to be shorn apart, were to fall into the sea or were to be hewn apart.